Monday, October 6, 2008


I just got back from Utah. Pics and videos to come shortly

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Old photos I dug up

Here are some old photos I dug up. These were some of the very first days with my new Defender. I brought it home to show my parents and brothers. My parents were proud yet were concerned like anyones parents would be with an expensive used 14 year old truck. My brothers on the other hand were very excited! I took it off road that weekend and managed to get it stuck twice but the good old D started to show its early strengths to me as it pulled through some waist high deep mud. I have to admit, it was a blast yet scared the shit out of me too. We were alone, and about a mile off the road, and I was with my newly 30k financed 14 year old dream car and I didn't want it stuck or broken already. She certainly made me proud that day.

note: My 1991 Honda Accord in the photos. What a great little car. Also my brother's old Subaru WRX. This was before he traded it in for a new Toyota FJ Cruiser...right after he saw my Defender :)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

First Post

This is my first post on my new blog. This blog will be about the trails and tribulation of owning a Land Rover Defender 90, the break downs, the upsides, the adventures, trips, and expeditions.

I bought my Land Rover Defender 90 #916 in September of 2006. It was my favorite car growing up and I always said I would own one someday. Yes everyone dreams of owning a Ferrari, but this for me, was more than a Ferrari. The Defender is so iconic with its ageless rational design. Its no frills body work and interior makes it easy to work on. Its adventurous expedition credibility can be seen through the Camel Trophy events, which would have any young boy hanging up posted of Land Rovers instead of a Lamborghini Countach with the gullwing doors open I might add.

I had my Defender and I could not be happier. I will be posting some older content at first so you can read and see the beginning stages of my truck and what I have done to it in the last couple of years.